The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) can be found at 66 Portland Place; a Grade II* listed building in Marylebone. It is considered the primary home for both London Architecture and Architectural knowledge.

Cobal collaborated with Gensler to develop a temporary wayfinding package, that would represent the innovative design style of RIBA. The wayfinding needed to guide Architects to the Clore Learning Center exhibition, situated on the fourth floor aptly named ‘Clore on Four’. The nature of temporary non-intrusive applications of graphics and signage to such a historic building tested Cobal’s product knowledge of adhesives and surface tensions. We needed to create removable graphics, with no implications on surfaces such as polished stonework and fragile glass panes.

Each step within the staircase featured a temporary graphics application, which created an illusion of arrows ascending through the building’s spine, directing 1200 Architectural admirers to the exhibition. On completion, Cobal removed all graphics out of hours’ at RIBA’s request to ensure minimal impact.