Michael Faraday School

The regeneration of South London’s Aylesbury Estate resulted in the birth of the Michael Faraday Community School. This flagship project saw a dynamic and innovative school, providing nursery, primary, adult education and community facilities.



London Borough of Southwark

Wayfinding Strategy and Design:
Cartlidge Levene




  • Education
  • Public


  • External Architectural Signage
  • Design, Consultancy & Management
  • Internal Signage and Wayfinding
  • Statutory Signage

School projecting wayfinding signage

We collaborated with Cartlidge Levene, turning design concepts into a reality. Creating a wayfinding and signage scheme that engaged young children and instilled a sense of pride in their school.

External branding lettering
School projecting wayfinding signage

All signage works on a playful premise, incorporating various elements such as colorful graphics and projected signage. The results achieved were visually stunning, eminently practical and truly innovative.

External identification lettering

Our well-crafted signage creates a strong impact and enhances the overall design of a building – whilst simultaneously fulfilling the key practical function of connecting people to places.

School projecting wayfinding signage
Large acrylic toilet icons

Photography Credit:

Marcus Ginns