Twenty Old Bailey

Twenty Old Bailey dates from the 1980’s and has been comprehensively modernised and remodelled to form a stunning workspace to the highest specification.





City of London


  • Commercial


  • External Architectural Signage
  • Design, Consultancy & Management
  • Internal Signage and Wayfinding

The specification required us to design and develop beautifully crafted external and internal branding and wayfinding signage, reflective of the outstanding contemporary transformation.

Internally illuminated lettering

External signage was to be of simple yet elegant branding, reflecting the heritage and quality of the surrounding environment.  A logistical installation challenge, necessitated close partnerships with external suppliers to ensure a seamless and coordinated installation.

Lift lobby floor level indicators
Tenant directory with individual letters

Internal signage was formed of a dark bronze material that provided a look of consistency, clarity, and quality. Designed with the intent of extenuating the look and feel of external signage, throughout the inside of the building.

Tenant directory

The building was skillfully transformed from a rather tired 1980’s structure, into a Grade A office building. Fit to serve as the headquarters for a number of highly prestigious companies.

Internally illuminated lettering
Lift lobby floor level indicators

Creative Partners:

Buckley Gray Yeoman

Photography Credit:

Dirk Linder