The Leadenhall Building

The Leadenhall Building is well known as ‘The Cheesegrater’ and is one of the most iconic and architecturally distinctive buildings in the City of London.



British Land


City of London


  • Commercial


  • External Architectural Signage
  • Design, Consultancy & Management
  • Statutory Signage

Brass external branding lettering

We created prestigious, distinctive and carefully considered signage that compliments the beauty of The Leadenhall Building, with its unique wedge-shaped exterior profile, designed to avoid any impact on the protected sight lines of St Paul’s Cathedral.

External glass monolith or totem

External wayfinding utilised premium materials with the ability to remain timeless, whilst withstanding the elements. We designed stunning satin stainless steel lettering to create impact at sight and paired this with innovative stainless steel framed black glass monoliths, featuring white text and coloured wayfinding iconography.

External glass monolith or totem

Internal signage comprised of suspended reverse painted glass squares with white lettering, aligning with designs and materials used externally. Bespoke statutory signage included graphics applied to cylindrical glass substrates, lettering applied to various surfaces within fire-fighting lobbies and 2m high metal numbers signifying plant rooms. A critical element of the wayfinding scheme required the creation of signage for use by the Fire Command Centre, vital for safe evacuation.

Lift lobby indicators

Creative Partners:

Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners

Photography Credit:

Gerald McLean